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3 Ways to Grow Your Customer Database With Limited Staff

It seems businesses everywhere are struggling to find enough these days; and wineries are certainly not immune to the staffing shortage. Now that more and more people are feeling comfortable leaving their homes and traveling again, your winery is bound to see more foot traffic this summer. But do you have your tasting room set up to handle it?

When a winery is short staffed, one thing that can easily be overlooked is making sure you’re collecting a customer’s information. After all, your tasting room staff is busy making sure that everyone is enjoying your wine. Here are a few ideas to help ensure you’re still capturing customer information during theses unprecedented staffing challenges.Continue Reading..


3 Reasons Why Calling Your Customers in the Spring Is Vital

It’s easy to see why wineries love to call their customers in the fall and winter months. Since it’s right before the holidays, customers are eager to buy so they have gifts and enough to enjoy for their upcoming festivities. The reality is that calling in the spring can be just as crucial for your sales as the fall and winter months. Here are a few reasons why keeping in touch with your customers is vital this spring.Continue Reading..


When Should I Call My Customers. . .and what should I say?

In order for your calling campaign to be effective, calling at the right times is vital. While sales can happen at any time, the reality is that if you’re calling a customer on a Monday morning, it’s probably not going to be a very exciting time for sales. Just as important, is what to say when you call them. It’s always a good idea to have at least a tentative script in mind to give your reps confidence and create a more consistent experience. Continue Reading..


6 Weeks Until Thanksgiving–Get Your Customers Stocked Up!

You’ve got 6 weeks until Thanksgiving and no doubt, your customers will be needing wine.  Now it the perfect time to make sure they are stocked up with plenty of wine for Thanksgiving and the holiday parties coming in December too. This time of year you have the perfect reason to call–simply ask if they’re stocked up with enough wine for the Holidays. If they’re not ready to buy just yet, that’s fine. Schedule a call with them for a few weeks out when they will be ready to buy. The sooner you start your calling the better. Chances are neighboring wineries have already started so there’s no time to lose!Continue Reading..


Make This Holiday Season the Best Yet

It’s that time of year again. Your customers are thinking about the holidays and they’re ready to buy wine for gifts and parties. You know they’ll be buying wine this holiday season. But is your winery the first thing on their mind? Maybe, maybe not. Will your neighbor wineries be calling them too? Absolutely. Customers buy from multiple wineries, so it’s imperative you start calling now and get the sale.Continue Reading..


SOND: Time to Sell for the Holidays

The Holiday Selling season starts now! That’s right, customers are very responsive right after labor day. It’s a perfect time to start calling your customers again and kick your selling into gear.Continue Reading..


Get Your Calling Organized for a Great 2016

Now that the holidays are in the rear-view mirror along with the craziness of the season, you can finally look forward to the new year. When it comes to your customer database, spring is the time to call your customers to help make sure your customer data is up to date and to continue building strong relationships. To ensure a successful spring calling campaign, now is the time to get ready!

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Not OND, S O N D!

October, November and December, it’s the holiday season to sell wine. When I first entered the wine industry, OND was the standard. As I started to do calling for my clients, I quickly realized that customers were very responsive the day after Labor Day. And so it was, OND became SOND.

September / Labor Day is less than a week away! Here is why you need to start your calling now:

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4 Actions to Inspire and Motivate Your Sales Team

“You teach what you know, you create what you are.”
-Ancient Sufi Proverb

Some people might think that motivating your sales team is all about pumping them up and cheerleading. And they might go on to believe that they just can’t do that – it’s an act that doesn’t fit with their personality or style. But true motivation comes from actions that everyone can take and still act with authenticity.

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The Holiday selling season starts Today!

S O N D has started and the holidays will be here shortly. Consumers will start stocking up and the big question is, “Will it be your wine they are buying?” Your neighbor winery is calling its customers and there is a good chance that your customers are their customers. Whether you are ready or not, it’s time to get it set up and the calling started. Here is what you need to do:Continue Reading..