SOND: Time to Sell for the Holidays

The Holiday Selling season starts now! That’s right, customers are very responsive right after labor day. It’s a perfect time to start calling your customers again and kick your selling into gear.

The End of Summer

The summer is over and kids are back in school. It’s a great time to reach out and sell wine as it’s cooling down too. In many places in the south, it’s finally starting to cool down and they can finally begin to¬†get wine shipped again. Plus, your customers are just now getting back into the swing of things now that vacations are over. Getting a call from you is a great reminder of their summer vacations and a great reprieve from their every-day life.

The Sooner They Order, the Sooner They’ll Need More

When you call in September and get the wine to them in October, there is a much better chance they’ll run out. By the time Thanksgiving comes around, they may find themselves needing more wine for parties and gifts. The sooner you start your holiday calling, the sooner they will be calling you back to order more.

Other Wineries are Calling, Are You?

Rest assured, your neighboring wineries are calling their customers. And people buy from more than one winery. That means that the customers they are calling are your customers too. The sooner you start calling, the better chance you have of getting in touch with them before they’re already stocked up. Get calling and get a head-start so that your winery makes the sale.

The truth is, customers love to feel connected to your winery. Calling them is a fantastic way to do that. It helps your winery stay on the forefront of their mind and when they run out of wine, it’s that personal connection that will get them to call your winery over another. Are you ready to start calling your customers but are unsure of where to start, get in touch to find out how we can help your winery sell more wine and give your customers the excellent service they expect.