Make This Holiday Season the Best Yet

It’s that time of year again. Your customers are thinking about the holidays and they’re ready to buy wine for gifts and parties. You know they’ll be buying wine this holiday season. But is your winery the first thing on their mind? Maybe, maybe not. Will your neighbor wineries be calling them too? Absolutely. Customers buy from multiple wineries, so it’s imperative you start calling now and get the sale.

It doesn’t have to be a hard sell

A call from your winery should just be a friendly call that reminds them of wine country. Like a call from a friend, it should be a nice break in their day. It simply reminds your customer that they need to buy wine for their staff and parties for the holidays. A friendly call is all it takes and often, if they’re not ready to buy, they can schedule a time that works better.

Let the customer do the talking

Surprisingly when a customer is doing all the talking, they’re more likely to buy wine. Customers love to share their knowledge of wine and experiences. It makes them more involved in the process and a rep should be a great listener and ask opened ended questions. This encourages the customer to open up and in the end, they will be much more open to the suggestion of buying wine.

It’s a great time of year to add on

At the end of the call, adding, “We also still have a few cases of xyz wine available, would you like to add one of those to your order as well?” or offering magnums for their holiday parties is a great way to boost your sales. In any case, knowing the customer and having a history of their past purchases can be a huge advantage. 

At the end of the day, calling simply helps keep your winery on your customer’s minds and providing great service ensures a long-lasting relationship with your winery.