The Best Way to Give Your Customers Holiday Deals

During the Holidays, it is tempting to offer big discounts to incentivize your customers to buy more wine. While this can help you to grow your sales, it can also be a huge mistake. Once you start to discount your wine, customers will expect it again in the future. With that in mind, you have to be very careful when handing out discounts to your customers. Continue Reading..


6 Weeks Until Thanksgiving–Get Your Customers Stocked Up!

You’ve got 6 weeks until Thanksgiving and no doubt, your customers will be needing wine.  Now it the perfect time to make sure they are stocked up with plenty of wine for Thanksgiving and the holiday parties coming in December too. This time of year you have the perfect reason to call–simply ask if they’re stocked up with enough wine for the Holidays. If they’re not ready to buy just yet, that’s fine. Schedule a call with them for a few weeks out when they will be ready to buy. The sooner you start your calling the better. Chances are neighboring wineries have already started so there’s no time to lose!Continue Reading..