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5 Sales Campaign Ideas to Launch in 2020

With the rush of the holiday season over, it’s time to start focusing on how to help your winery win in 2020. Over the last year, we’ve been helping our clients to identify areas where they could be serving their customers better, and crafting campaigns aimed at helping them reengage with those customers. Whether you’ve got customers that have slipped through the cracks, or simply could be buying more if someone gave them a call, here are a few great campaign ideas you can run this year to give your wine sales the jolt you’ve been looking for.Continue Reading..


Making the Most of Credit Card Declines

There’s a good chance you may be a little too familiar with the feeling of seeing a wine shipment ready to go out; but instead, it’s sitting there due to the customer’s credit card coming back declined. While it can be frustrating, it’s simply a reality in the wine industry that a customer’s first priority when they get a new card probably isn’t to update their wine club membership. And with credit card fraud continuing to increase year over year, credit card declines aren’t going to slow down. And of course, since your wine club members are likely regular travelers, they are even more susceptible to credit card theft. But instead of fretting over seeing an unpaid shipment sitting in your winery, take it as an opportunity to connect with your customer and even sell them more wine.

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3 Ways to Avoid Credit Card Declines

There are few things more annoying than getting a wine club shipment together but suddenly, you get hit with a decline for the card you have on file. Suddenly, it become a scramble to reach the customer and get their card updated. But many times, credit card declines are completely avoidable as long as you’re staying on top of it. Here are three ways you can help avoid them and keep your wine club shipments headed out on time.Continue Reading..


DTC Sales: It’s All About the Experience!

Why Do You Sell DTC?

Okay, maybe that’s a silly question. Obviously it gives your winery another avenue to sell more wine! But if you’re doing it right, DTC sales should be much more than that. Whether you’re calling customers over the phone, or selling through your website, your #1 focus should always be on your customer experience.Continue Reading..


3 Ways Calling Your Customers Can Be Great Customer Service

When you hear about calling your customers, naturally you probably think about selling more wine to your customers. But that is only a part of why calling your customers is a great idea. The reality is that you won’t only sell more wine, but offer better customer service too. Here are three ways that calling your customers can help you offer better customer service.Continue Reading..