3 Ways Calling Your Customers Can Be Great Customer Service

When you hear about calling your customers, naturally you probably think about selling more wine to your customers. But that is only a part of why calling your customers is a great idea. The reality is that you won’t only sell more wine, but offer better customer service too. Here are three ways that calling your customers can help you offer better customer service.

1. Update your customer information

From new credit card numbers to a change of address, your customers won’t always remember to call when they have a change of information. Calling helps make sure your wine club information is up to date and things run smoothly. On top of that calling in the spring and summer helps keep your database clean so that your holiday sales run more smoothly.

2. They want to buy wine but forget to call

When you start calling, you would be surprised how often your customers really appreciate that you called. Chances are you have a lot of customers who want to buy wine but get too busy and forget to call. Calling gives them a great opportunity to buy your wine and they won’t have to remember to call.

3. Calling helps your customers feel like they are apart of your winery’s family

Wine country is beautiful and calling your customers is a reminder of the great times they had when they visited. Give them a call just to say hi and give them news about your winery. It helps keep your customers connected and if they don’t buy wine, theres a good chance you’ll be the first winery they think of when they run out! 

Are you interested in calling your customers? Get in touch to learn more about how we can help your winery get started.