Get Your Calling Organized for a Great 2016

Now that the holidays are in the rear-view mirror along with the craziness of the season, you can finally look forward to the new year. When it comes to your customer database, spring is the time to call your customers to help make sure your customer data is up to date and to continue building strong relationships. To ensure a successful spring calling campaign, now is the time to get ready!

Choose Your Staff and Get them Trained

You don’t necessarily have to hire just to do some calling. Tasting room staff can easily plug into calling, especially when the tasting room is slow. It is important to give them support and a set schedule, that way they’ll know what to expect. Make sure they are comfortable with your phone systems and with the script to build rapport over the phone.

Build the Scripting

A great call script will give your reps confidence with repetition and keep your message consistent. However, it is also important that a rep is able to listen to the customer, build rapport, and tailor an offer directly to them. Building rapport over they phone can be a challenge and it does take some practice; but if they’ve got a passion for wine and enjoy selling to your customers, a little practice can go a long way.

Customers Love to Dream of Wine Country

For many customers on the east-coast and mid-west, the winter has been tough and spring is something to look forward to. A call from your winery is a great way to help them imagine they great times they’ve had in wine country. For them, it becomes an emotional experience that will encourage them to talk with you and buy wine.

Calling in the spring is a great way to move excess wine in stock. Creating a unique offer will help you get it off the shelves and make way for newer wines. Not sold on whether you should call this spring? Wineries that do get the chance to update customer information. With up to date credit cards and shipping info, not only will you sell more this spring but this year’s holiday sales will go smoother too. 

Don’t forget, calling is all about providing a great customer experience and giving them a chance to share their passion and stories about wine. When it is done right, the sales will follow. Get out there and get ready for a great 2016!