Things to Consider When Hiring a Phone Sales Rep

Hiring a phone sales rep to call your customers can be a great way to manage your message to customers, directly track employee progress and create a stronger, long-term relationship with your customers. Giving your customers a call gives them a small taste of wine country and provides you a great opportunity to sell more juice. Finding someone you trust to share your winery with your loyal customers isn’t always easy though. Here are some things to consider when hiring a Phone Sales Rep.

Their passion for wine

If a rep is passionate about wine, even if they have little or no knowledge, they can be trained. Just begin by sharing your own passion with them and along the way, start teaching them all about it. Someone who is passionate will be able to catch on right away and share their own passion with your customers.

Calling experience

Naturally, the right person can be trained. But a rep with prior calling experience will have a much higher chance of success and are more likely to produce better results when it comes to calling and building relationships over the phone. If they’ve worked at other winery telemarketing firms before, it’s always a good idea to find out why they left and how successful they were. Asking what their approach is to customers will give you an idea as to whether or not the rep is a good fit too.

Problem solving skills

Selling and handling customer service over the phone means that problem solving skills are essential. If a customer has a question regarding an issue with a previous order, how will they proceed? A rep that can think on their feet and problem solve efficiently can be the difference between keeping or losing a customer. 

Finding a great reps is only part of the battle however. It is just as important to manage that rep and provide support and measurable goals to ensure their success. Once you have your team in place to call, it is important to remember that it’s all about building relationships. Encourage reps to have a conversation with your customers, simply share what’s going on at your winery. Once this is accomplished, your sales will follow.