The Best Way to Incentivize Your Customers

In order to help boost sales, offering a discount can get it done. But it’s often not the best way to go. Let’s say you call a customer and offer them a great discount on your wine. Perhaps they will buy more than usual, and that’s great! But the danger of offering a discount like that, is the next time they buy, there is a good chance they will expect it again. 

Imagine your rep gives them a call and makes them an offer. But if that offer doesn’t include the discount they had last time, there is a good chance they will opt not to buy and wait until they can get a similar discount. So while offering a discount may be great for your short-term sales, it’s often not the best long term option. Not only that, but offering frequent discounts can negatively affect the perception of your brand.

Offer a Shipping Incentive

The best way to incentivize your customers is by discounting shipping rates. Shipping is often an unknown for customers. A mystery shipping cost can be an annoyance and a big deterrent to future sales. That’s why offering a flat rate for shipping can be a great solution to both incentivize your customers, while offering a better customer experience. Of course, taking away the shipping cost altogether is great too, especially if it is done for orders over a certain amount. That way your customer is encouraged to buy more to get free shipping.

When you incentivize your customers through shipping, it gets the job done without the need to discount your wine directly. That way, the perceived quality of your wine will stay in tact and your sales will still increase with the benefit of a discount that will help your customers have a better experience.