3 Reasons Why Calling Your Customers in the Spring Is Vital

It’s easy to see why wineries love to call their customers in the fall and winter months. Since it’s right before the holidays, customers are eager to buy so they have gifts and enough to enjoy for their upcoming festivities. The reality is that calling in the spring can be just as crucial for your sales as the fall and winter months. Here are a few reasons why keeping in touch with your customers is vital this spring.

1. It will help keep your database healthy.

A calling campaign is only as good as your customer database. If you’re only calling during the holidays, then you’re not updating customer information on a regular basis. Avoid having trouble with wine club shipments due to credit card declines or dealing with the hassle of finding out a customer has moved after their shipment had already gone out. Simply picking up the phone in the spring and summer will help you avoid these issues.

2. You’ll have better holiday sales in the fall.

With up to date customer information, you’ll have fewer bad numbers, the latest credit card info, and won’t have to deal with added hassle during the busiest time of the year. There’s nothing worse than getting organized for a holiday calling campaign only to realize that you’re calling bad numbers or trying to run old credit cards. Calling in the spring and summer months helps keep your database healthy. That way, your team will work more efficiently in the later months of the year and it will help you sell more wine when customers start buying for the holidays again.

Wineries that call their customers in the spring and summer months consistently see better results during the holiday selling season!

3. Calling will help you stay in touch with your customers

If you’re not calling, you’re missing out on sales. It’s as simple as that. But a call isn’t just about selling either, it’s about reaching out and making the customer feel like they’re a part of your winery’s family. At this time especially, there are likely many customers you haven’t seen in a while and they would love to hear from wine country and think back to when they visited. When it’s done right, calling is simply great customer service.

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