The Key to Better Holiday Sales: Not OND—SOND

October used to be considered the month when wineries could start kicking off their holiday sales campaigns and start shipping out wine for customer’s holiday festivities. Naturally, this too is when most of your yearly sales occur. But there are huge advantages in starting your calling in September instead. Here are a few reasons why you need to be starting your holiday sales earlier.

Sales Pick Up After Labor Day

Historically, customers start buying more wine at the beginning of September. In more than a decade of doing telesales in the wine industry, September has consistently been a great month. By this time, summer travels are coming to a close and people are ready to stock up again. If you’re waiting until October to call your customers, there’s a good chance you’re leaving a lot of sales on the table.

Customers Will Need More Wine Before the Holidays

Another huge advantage to calling in September is that customers could end up buying more wine. They’ll have time to get their wine, drink it, and need more before the holidays! You could end up selling twice the amount of wine to your best customers and all you need to do is start calling early.

It Will Help Keep Your Database Healthy

The one major thing that frequently gets overlooked when it comes to holiday sales is the need to keep your database healthy. When you start calling earlier, it gives you a chance to keep your customer’s information up to date so that later on in October and November, you’re reps aren’t wasting time calling old numbers. This will help streamline your sales process during the busiest time of the year and help you sell more wine.

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