Ideas to Kick Off Your Spring Calling

Ready to start calling your customers and selling more wine? Here are a few ideas to help get your campaign off the ground this spring.

Soon it Will Be Too Hot

Spring is nearly upon us and soon it will be too hot to ship to southern states. By calling now, you have time to make an offer and get orders shipped out before it gets too hot. It is also an ideal time to clean up your database. Calling in the spring and summer months, even to simply keep your database healthy helps to improve sales in the fall and winter months when you’re selling for the holidays. Start calling and offer to get them stocked up before it gets too hot.

Create Bundles to Clear Out Excess Wine

Do you have extra whites or ros├ęs sitting around? Create an offer to start clearing them out. Putting together a bundle is a great way to encourage customers to try something different. A bundle can make a great add-on to an order to encourage people to buy more!

Offer Discounts on Shipping

Encourage customers to buy more by comping their shipping when they buy a 6 pack or more. Shipping discounts are fantastic because it’s not a discount on the wine itself that people will expect in the future. But it does make the customer feel as though they are getting a good deal.

Have a Video Call to Encourage People to Visit

These last two years have been crazy and many customers who might normally have planned a visit probably haven’t made their way to wine country in a while. Giving your customers a call is a fantastic way to help them feel like you care while sparking up memories of their last visit. Why not take it a step further and invite them to have a video call to encourage them to come visit? People are starting to plan vacations again and doing so now is a perfect time to reach them before their book their next trip.

Ready to kick-off your calling and start selling more wine? Get in touch to learn how we can help!