3 Ways to Grow Your Customer Database With Limited Staff

It seems businesses everywhere are struggling to find enough these days; and wineries are certainly not immune to the staffing shortage. Now that more and more people are feeling comfortable leaving their homes and traveling again, your winery is bound to see more foot traffic this summer. But do you have your tasting room set up to handle it?

When a winery is short staffed, one thing that can easily be overlooked is making sure you’re collecting a customer’s information. After all, your tasting room staff is busy making sure that everyone is enjoying your wine. Here are a few ideas to help ensure you’re still capturing customer information during theses unprecedented staffing challenges.

Set Up a Kiosk in the Tasting Room.

Setting up a designated place where customers can sign up for special promotions and learn about your winery is a great way to take the pressure off of tasting room staff. Be sure it’s in an visible place that is easy to access. That way, your customers will know right where to go and your staff can easily direct customers to give you their information. Using technology can be a simple way to make things easier for both you and your staff, too. Even if it’s simply being able to direct customers to a web page where they can fill out their information.

Create an offer your customer will see value in.

Whether you’re getting customers to sign up for a newsletter or even your wine club, they need to see the value. This doesn’t always need to be a big discount on wine either. Sometimes, value can simply be some unique experience or information that you can offer. Whatever it is, the more creative the better. When customers can easily see the value in something, they’ll gladly give you their email and phone number to receive it.

Incentivize customers to join your wine club.

One big mistake that many wineries make is not giving visitors ample opportunity to sign up for their wine club. Be sure tasting room employees are always asking when a customer wants a case of wine shipped to them. You can incentivize customers to join, too. Something like offering free shipping is an excellent incentive because it means you don’t have to discount your wine.

If you’re struggling to hire enough staff for this summer’s foot-traffic in the tasting room, chances are, getting staff to call your customers is simply out of the question. Fortunately, that’s where we come in. Contact us today to lean more about how we can call your customers and start selling more of your delicious juice!