16 Tweetable Direct to Consumer Wine Sales Tips

Do you want to sell more wine? Well of Course you do! In this blog we have compiled a handful of great wine sales nuggets so short that you can even tweet them.  Grow you direct to consumer sales in under 140 characters.

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Calling Your Customers

[bctt tweet=”Giving Customers a call can increase your #winesales by 25%”]

[bctt tweet=”Calling your customers during dinner time is a good thing because they’re probably drinking wine and need more!”]

[bctt tweet=”Call your customers 3 times, if they don’t answer the third time–that’s when you leave a message”]

[bctt tweet=”Calling is all about building relationships and showing you care. Selling comes after.”]

[bctt tweet=”Calling helps you keep you database clean and saves you lots of time and hassle!”]

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Improving Customer Service

[bctt tweet=”Sharing a story over the phone will make your customers feel like they are apart of your winery’s family #dtcwine”]

[bctt tweet=”Call customers to update credit card info for your wine club to keep shipments rolling.”]

[bctt tweet=”Follow up on a club shipment and make sure a customer received their wine.”]

[bctt tweet=”Taking the time to update credit card info will help reduce declines with wine club shipments.”]

[bctt tweet=”Listening skills are underrated, customers like their voice to be heard. #dtcwine”]

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Improving Sales

[bctt tweet=”Want to sell more wine? Ask more questions to get the customer talking! #dtcwine”]

[bctt tweet=”Don’t freeze up after an objection, use it as an opportunity to learn more about the customer #dtcwine”]

[bctt tweet=”Wine makes a great gift, remind customers of this when the holidays are approaching!”]

[bctt tweet=”Offering mixed cases gives people a variety!”]

[bctt tweet=”Big bottles make a great centerpiece for holiday parties. Offer magnums during the holidays!”]

[bctt tweet=”Eliminate a mystery shipping cost and go flat rate! Customers will be more likely to buy.”]

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