Why Getting Your Staff Trained in Telesales is a Smart Move

Getting your staff trained to call your customers can be a great opportunity for you to sell more wine. But often wineries see calling as a bad thing. After all, everyone hates telemarketers don’t they? The reality is that wine is different. Your customers love to get a call from your winery because it lets them escape their day to day life and allows them to imagine their good times in wine country. Here are several huge benefits of getting your staff prepared to sell over the phone:

1. It’s Better Customer Service

Calling will help you to better communicate with your customers—and they will communicate better with you. When you call your customers, you will start to learn a great deal more about them and how they think. This will allow you to improve their experience and segment your database to make offers that appeal to them. Your reps will also have the opportunity to get to know your customers and build stronger relationships with them.

2. Your Staff

When your staff are trained to do outbound calling, they will become more effective sellers. They will have the skill and confidence to sell wine more effectively on inbound calls and in the tasting room too. Effective selling is all about learning how to ask the right questions to get your customers talking and in turn, buying more of your wine. It will also help your staff make better use of their time. When there is down time in the tasting room, your staff can get on the phones and sell more wine.

3. It Can Be Huge for Your Sales

Calling your customers can be a huge boost to your sales. Wineries that call their customers can see as much as a 50% increase in their DTC sales. Training your staff to become expert telesales professionals will help you develop a whole new revenue stream that will allow your winery to grow.

Getting your staff trained in telesales is the answer to helping you deliver a memorable and focused customer experience that will see your sales grow. Start your calling campaign and start giving your customers more opportunities to connect with you and buy your wine.

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