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8 Reasons to Call Your Customers

It’s understandable why many wineries feel that calling their customers isn’t such a great idea. After all, when telemarketing comes to mind, many of us turn to a preconceived notion of a used vacuum cleaner salesman and worry that calling their customers is an interruption to their day. What many fail to realize, is that people love getting a call from their favorite winery.Continue Reading..


Why Getting Your Staff Trained in Telesales is a Smart Move

Getting your staff trained to call your customers can be a great opportunity for you to sell more wine. But often wineries see calling as a bad thing. After all, everyone hates telemarketers don’t they? The reality is that wine is different. Your customers love to get a call from your winery because it lets them escape their day to day life and allows them to imagine their good times in wine country. Here are several huge benefits of getting your staff prepared to sell over the phone:

Continue Reading..