8 Reasons to Call Your Customers

It’s understandable why many wineries feel that calling their customers isn’t such a great idea. After all, when telemarketing comes to mind, many of us turn to a preconceived notion of a used vacuum cleaner salesman and worry that calling their customers is an interruption to their day. What many fail to realize, is that people love getting a call from their favorite winery.

Reasons to Call your Customers

1. Build Relationships with your Customers

Calling your customers is a great way to help build lasting relationships with your customers. Not only does open the door to have a conversation, but it also allows you to learn more about their tastes in wine.

2. It’s Good Customer Service

Calling is  a great way to follow up on a shipment. Did they get it? Were there any issues? Customers may not always be vigilant when something goes wrong. Giving them a call helps you to be proactive and handle issues before they become a problem.

3. They Will Buy Wine

Of course, when you call your customers, it is a great opportunity for them to buy wine. Many times customers know they need wine, but they forget to call or end up running to the store. Instead, call them and make sure that it’s your wine they’re buying.

4. Helps Keep Customer Info Up to Date

When a customer moves or gets a new credit card, don’t count on them to remember to let you know. Calling them ensures that you keep your database up to date while helping to curb credit card declines. Calling in the spring and summer months can help ensure that you will have a clean database when the holidays come around.

5. Calling Reminds Your Customers You’re There

Customers buy from more than one winery. When you give them a call, it reminds them you’re there and even if they don’t need wine right then, there is a much better chance that you will be their first call when they do.

6. It Keeps Them Informed

What’s new at your winery? Your customers are interested and will appreciate that you took the time to call and let them know. 

7. It Gets Them to Visit

A phone call is a great way to get customers to come to the tasting room. This is especially true during the summer months. Summer is a great time to call your customers locally and give them a deal when they bring in friends and relatives. It helps you sell more wine as well as increase your foot traffic in the tasting room.

8. It Reminds Them of their Tasting Room Experience

Your customers have fond memories of visiting your winery. After all, wineries are idyllic and an escape from every-day life. So when you call your customers, to them it is a reminder of the great times they have had at your winery and can be a nice break in their busy day.

What You Can Expect

Customers will want to hear from you and will appreciate you called. They will want to chat and share their knowledge about wine. Of course, you can also expect that they will buy wine. When it comes to wine, customers getting a call because it allows them to take a quick break to talk about something that they love.