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8 Reasons to Call Your Customers

It’s understandable why many wineries feel that calling their customers isn’t such a great idea. After all, when telemarketing comes to mind, many of us turn to a preconceived notion of a used vacuum cleaner salesman and worry that calling their customers is an interruption to their day. What many fail to realize, is that people love getting a call from their favorite winery.Continue Reading..


3 Ways to Get Organized and Sell More Wine this Spring

The holidays are over and spring is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about your spring promotions. Calling your customers in the spring is important as it will:

  • Help you keep your database up to date
  • Build a stronger relationship with your customers
  • Engage customers that  don’t buy as often, giving your customers another opportunity to buy your wine

Have a plan. Wineries that organize spring calling campaigns see better sales when the holiday’s come around because they were able to update their database by calling before the holidays hit.

Continue Reading..