3 Ways to Get Organized and Sell More Wine this Spring

The holidays are over and spring is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about your spring promotions. Calling your customers in the spring is important as it will:

  • Help you keep your database up to date
  • Build a stronger relationship with your customers
  • Engage customers that  don’t buy as often, giving your customers another opportunity to buy your wine

Have a plan. Wineries that organize spring calling campaigns see better sales when the holiday’s come around because they were able to update their database by calling before the holidays hit.

  1. Pick and Train Your Staff

When the tasting room is slow, it is easy to plug staff in to do some calling. If you’ve hired your tasting room staff with the expectation of some calling, getting them on the phones shouldn’t be a problem. Be sure so give them structure and set a schedule so they know what to expect. Before they get on the phones, make sure the reps know how to use your phone systems and are comfortable with the script.

  1. Select Inventory

A spring calling campaign can be a great way to get excess stock off of your hands. If there is a varietal you are long on, make it part of your offer when you call.

  1. Build a Script

A good call script will make your reps more confident with repetition and ensure that you are delivering a consistent message. It should be compelling and draw on your customers emotions which will encourage them to buy!

When developing a script for your spring campaign, it must have:

  • an opening
  • a reason for the call
  • an offer to get your customer excited
  • and a close to seal the deal

Your opening must be an introduction of who you are and where you’re from. Not just because it is telemarketing law, but it breaks the ice and hearing that the call is from their favorite winery will get them to let their guard down. The reason for the call should be a compelling story. Whether it is a new release, the wineries anniversary, or something more unique; people love to hear a great story and it will compel them to buy.

The story should lead into the offer which will be more successful if it caters directly to the individual. If your database is well segmented and your reps know the customers buying habits, they can cater an offer directly to the customer. The one thing you DO NOT have to do is discount. Instead, I highly recommend offering flat rate shipping.

The close is simply asking for the order. “Many of my customers have been doing mixed cases. Would you like me to go ahead and put together a mixed case for you?”

A great script and motivated staff will help your spring calling campaign to excel. Get out there, get prepared, and start selling more wine!