Telesales Reporting 101

So you finally decided to start following up with your customers. You have the inventory to sell, a list of customers to call, staff to do the calling and a calling script. Great! but how will you track progress? Do you have a sales goal? Is the campaign effective? Does the offer make sense to the customer? Reporting is a major piece of the puzzle when you are trying to manage a calling campaign. Here are a few things to consider when tracking what is most import.

Which Metrics and why?

When deciding what metrics to track, keep it simple. There are only a few that are really important. The ones I track are:

For the rep:

  • Total $$ sold
  • Calls made
    • How many calls are they making
    • How many customers are they talking to
  • Average order size n $$$
    • Is the rep offering the customer all the wines available
    • Is the offer effective

For the calling campaign:

  • How often do you dial the customer for a campaign (3 max)
  • How many times you call the customer during the year (2 to 3 MAX)
  • Total $$ sold

Understand the numbers and set goals

Setting basic goals for each of these helps you and the phone rep understand what the expectations are. By setting these goals you can start to understand if your goals are underweight, overweight or just right. I tend to set the following goals for our reps:

$ Sold – Start with $1000 a day

Calls / Dials per hour – 15

Average Order – $300 per order

How do I track them?

In a perfect world, you have a CRM and phone system so you can track customer interaction and phone calls but you can simply have the reps track them manually too. They can make a notch for every call they make and write down every sale they have. From this you can determine average order size by taking total $$ sold and divide it by the number of orders.

As far as calling campaign stats,

How many times should I dial a customer during a campaign (3 times)

How many campaigns a year should I run (2-3 max)

Good luck calling and tracking your results!