3 Reasons Why Your Customers Love to Get a Call from Your Winery

Often, the concern is that calling customers is telemarketing and everyone hates telemarketers. The truth is, customers really like to hear from your winery because they love the people, the wine and the memories they’ve made. I have called customer for 25 years and it never ceases to amaze me how when you call a customer, even if they don’t buy, say thank you for the call. It’s incredible!

Here are 3 reasons they aught to be calling your customers. Because they really do love your winery enough to receive a call!

They want to buy wine but are too busy to call.

Wine drinkers are busy people with busy schedules. They are big fans but unfortunately they forget to call and by the time they get around to calling the winery it is after hours. This is a huge customer service play and very helpful to the customer. It shows you really care.

They covet your winery and it makes them feel special when they receive a call.

Customers that have visited the winery know the story and love to hear updates. They feel special when you call because you live the life they wish they could. They love the people, wines and a good story. If you tell them a good story when you call, their wine purchase is a no brainer. They can’t get enough! In the process ,this is a great opportunity to update the customer information. Keeping the customers info up to date allows for communications to always flow. Calling simply means providing more great customer service.

The club member’s credit card has expired and they forget to call with an update.

They receive a regular shipment and forget which card you have on file. The card eventually expires. A simple call is a great reminder that the card needs to be updated. And by the way, since I have you on the phone, is there anything else I can get for you?

Customers want to hear from you and the worst that can happen is that you get to hear a great story about why they love your wines and they thank you for the call…