3 Keys to A Successful In House Winery Telemarketing Campaign

One of the most common responses I hear from wineries regarding telemarketing is, “We want to do it in house.” The truth is it gives the winery control of customer messaging, the opportunity to address customer issues directly, and ensures security of their customer database.

Here are three key components to a successful in house telemarketing campaign.

1. Implement a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM)

A CRM is an essential tool for any successful call center. Implement a CRM that is easy for reps to navigate and eliminates the manual dialing process.  This will allow the winery to track customer communication, call more customers and maximize rep efficiency.   There are a number of cloud based CRMs to consider and we will give you some ideas in our next blog.

2. Change the way you hire tasting room staff

Look to hire tasting room staff with telemarketing experience and skill set. Seasonality plays a big part in staffing a tasting room with a high season and low season. Tasting room staff can plug into telemarketing during the tasting room low season; but only if they have the right skills. When interviewing potential tasting room staff consider asking the question, “have you done any outbound telemarketing before?”

3. Support your telesales reps and give them structure

Telemarketing is hard work. When reps hear the word “no,” or are unable to get customers to pick up the phone, they lose sales momentum and focus. Take the time to monitor calls so you’re confident the list is performing, the offer is compelling and the reps pitch is strong.  Scripting is critical, as it gives the rep structure and establishes a consistent pitch.

Spring is here; so get on the phones and start calling, selling, and shipping wine…

Next Blog – Choosing the right CRM.

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