Spring Time: Enhance the Customer Experience

For our friends in the Midwest and East coast; the winter has been tough. Thinking about this spring is a matter of sanity and is something to look forward to. For wineries, it’s a perfect time to show customers a little love, clean up customer contact records, and SELL SOME WINE before it gets too hot.

Here are three great reasons to call your customers NOW.

Customers Like to Dream of Wine Country

Wine Country is synonymous with vacationing. When people think Wine Country it immediately brings a smile to their face. Imagine getting a call from your favorite winery on a cold day or evening. “Hi, this is Mark with XYZ Winery. Is Mr. Customer there?” They immediately think of the great time they had at the winery. It’s an emotionally driven experience. It’s hypnotic and people want to talk with you. Then they buy wine!

Opportunity for “Spring Cleaning” your database

Have you ever encountered a bad credit card when billing wine club shipments? Or worse, a returned shipment due to an incorrect address? A simple call would have solved these before it happened. Not to mention you avoid the “Where is my shipment” call. Be proactive!

Customers get to stock up before it gets too hot!

Remember July and August? Holding shipments, overnight shipping at exorbitant rates and replaced shipments due to leaky bottles? Calling customers now is a great way to avoid negative customer experiences. Provide the best customer service and call customers now so they get their favorite wines while it’s still safe to ship ground. It’s less expensive for the customer, they have a better experience, and they will drink all that wine before you call them again in the fall.

At the end of the day it’s about preserving the customer experience and providing great customer service!