Steps to Hiring a Dedicated Phone Sales Rep For Your Winery

Mark Parton

Mark Parton

Managing Director at TeleWine Group
Mark is has 20+ years of call center experience and is a lifetime entrepreneur. He is the founder of Call For Wine which he sold in 2010. As the Managing Director for TeleWine Group, his newest undertaking, Mark is once again helping wineries to offer a better customer experience.
Mark Parton

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Hiring a Sales Rep

So, you decided you want to hire a dedicated phone sales rep for your winery. What are your next steps? Here is a “Punch List” of what you need to get the right candidates in the door:

Establish the skill sets

Look for candidates with previous customer service/ sales experience. Someone who uses professional telephone communication techniques is obviously a must. A familiarity with standard sales concepts, practices, and procedures and someone who will understand the telesales environment, goals. and performance metrics. They should have a minimum of 2 years experience in outbound telemarketing; strong record keeping skills, computer skills, and experience with a CRM.

Establish pay structure

You should look to pay them an hourly rate 0f $15 an hour minimum plus a commission (percentage of sales) and bonus (based on team performance).

Run the ads

I like to run ads in WineJobs.com ($150 per month) and Craigslist ($75 per month).  If you go into either of these websites and look at what others are posting that should give you a good idea of where to start.

Review the resumes you have received

Looking for people that have done telemarketing, are passionate about wine, and match the skill set

Schedule a test call

When scheduling the test call you should send them a test script prior to the call. The test script should be simple and will give you an idea of their voice quality, salesmanship and customer service abilities.

Schedule a phone interview and a face to face interview

It’s good to have a list of questions ready when doing the interview. Here is a list of 20 questions you can ask at any time during either of these interviews:

– What are you doing now?
– Tell me about your resume (idea is to get them to talk about it vs you just reading it).
– Which jobs did you like? Why?
– Which ones didn’t you like? Why?
– How do you like to be managed? (This will give you an idea of if they can manage themselves)
– Have you done telemarketing before?
– What about it did you like?
– What didn’t you like?
– Talk to me about the telemarketing you have done. B2B (business to business) vs  or B2C (business to consumer)?
– Which one did you like more? Why?
– Do you like wine?
– Do you drink wine?
– Tell me about your experience with wine?
– Tell me a story. (Selling wine on the phone is about connecting with the customer and telling stories is a skill)
– Have you used a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) before and do you remember the name of it?
– How many calls did you make an hour/ calls per day?
– On a 1 to 10 scale where to you rank as a sales person?
– Tell me about a memorable call
– What do you do if someone is not nice to you when you call them?
– Can you tell me about a time when you made a customer save (turned an upset customer into a happy customer).

This is a good start and should help your hunt for the right candidate.  Good luck and let us know how it goes on Twitter @TeleWineGroup



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