3 Ways to Continue Growing Your Customer Base

While this summer looks very different than what any of us planned for 2020,  there are still ways your winery can continue growing your customer base right now. In reality, now is the perfect time to hone your message and really double down on what makes your winery special. Take the time to share your story and even a few recent struggles with customers, and they’ll easily be captivated by your winery. Here’s a few tips you can use now to help keep your customer base growing this summer.

1. Leverage Your Virtual Tastings 

If you’re like many wineries that started hosting virtual tastings this spring, this is an excellent way to find new customers or reengage people who haven’t purchased in years. Of course advertising virtual tastings on your Facebook and Instagram is a given, but what about reaching out to former club members? That’s a fantastic way to get in front of them again and perhaps even convince them to restart their club membership. Be sure to connect with old customers and email contacts that haven’t bought from you in years.  You can also be incentivizing customers to invite their friends.

2. Call Former Club Members and Customers

Start reaching out to former club members and customers that haven’t purchased in a while. The purpose can be as simple as wanting to update their contact information, and you can use the opportunity to reengage with your winery by inviting them to a virtual tasting. Since they have a history with your winery, it should be much easier to get them to start purchasing again by simply having a friendly call. Plus, if you update their information now, you’ll have better contact info when you start your holiday calling.

3. Promote Your Wine Club Online

The digital wine club trend has been on the rise for several years now. Many offer customers a chance to sample many different wines as part of their subscription. However, many of them miss the personal experience that being a club member to a winery can provide. Highlight the benefits of your wine club and start an add campaign on Facebook and Instagram. You can start out targeting your own followers, but can expand the scope to target wine lovers in states you can ship to. 

While this summer may be different than most, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue growing your customer base this year. While it may be a little more challenging, hopefully these tips have got you brainstorming about a few ways your winery can get creative about finding new customers.