5 Reasons to Start Your Holiday Calling in September

In my years of doing telesales for wineries, I’ve always been a huge advocate of starting holiday calling right after Labor Day. I’ve always found that customers suddenly become really eager to buy that first week in September. That said, here are 5 more reasons why starting your calling in September is the way to go.

1. You’ll Start Calling Before Other Wineries Do

There’s a good chance that your customers are also the customers of your neighbor winery. So when you start your calling early, it gives you an opportunity to get your customers stocked up first. 

2. The Weather’s Cooling Down

With weather cooling again, you can finally ship ground to warmer climates again. Call your customers down south and replenish their wine stores. Many customers forget to call but when you reach out, they’re more than happy to pick up a few cases after finishing off the wine they had over the summer.

3. It’s Time to Start Stocking up for the Holidays

Calling in September is a great time to help your customers stay ahead of the holiday rush. Start your calling early and get them stocked up. 

4. Most Sales Occur between September and December

65-70% of wine sales occur between September and December. When you decide to wait and begin calling your customers sometime in October, you’re leaving a huge chunk of that on the table. Calling now allows you to take full advantage of the coming holiday season and will increase your sales.

5. They’ll place a second order after Thanksgiving

When you start calling now, there’s a good chance your customers will end up drinking their wine and will need more to get them through the holidays. Chances are they’ll be calling back right after Thanksgiving to order more. It’s even better if you are able to set up a call-back to check in and make sure they have enough to get them through the Holidays.