The Biggest Key to Selling Wine

Whether it’s over the phone or in the tasting room, the better your staff is at relating to your customers, the more wine they’re going to sell. This holiday selling season, make it a priority and you’re sure to see your staff not only selling more wine, but giving your customers a better experience as a whole. And there’s one sure-fire way to make it happen too.

Get Them Talking

It seems so counter-intuitive to sales and relating to people, but the best way to improve any customer’s experience is to get them talking. It doesn’t matter if they’re on the phone or in the tasting room. If they’re talking, they’re relating better with your staff and your winery. And the more they talk, the more your staff knows, and the better they will be able to offer a wine and an experience that’s tailored for them. A little less talking and a little more listening is all it takes.

While this may be a fairly easy task in the tasting room with an environment that’s all about wine, it’s a bit more challenging over the phone. But when it’s done well, the results are very apparent. It starts with a few simple questions. Something like, “What’s your favorite varietal?” or “How was your last case of wine?” Both are a great place to start that can open the door to having a deeper conversation. With a little practice, your staff will get the hang of it and feel just as comfortable asking those questions over the phone as well as in the tasting room.

It may seem almost too simple, but any call should simply be a great chance for your customer to share their knowledge and stories about wine. And once they’ve opened up, it’s just a matter of making the offer and completing the purchase.