Want Better Holiday Wine Sales? Start Calling Now

Now that the spring and summer months are here, it’s time for your customers to get back outside and start enjoying nature. For your winery, it’s a great time to start calling your customers. Now is a great time to call to help clean up your database and sell some wine before it becomes too hot to ship!

Get your customers stocked up for the summer

With temperatures heating up, particularly in the South-West, soon shipping wine will be out of the question. Calling now will enable you to get those last minute orders in before things get too hot. Don’t have a designated person to do calling? Your tasting room staff are already great sellers and love to talk about wine. Incentivizing them with a percentage or even wine can be a great way to encourage them to get on the phones. Simply calling your 100 best customers is a great place to start. Calling your customers now will also keep your winery in their mind as they begin to make summer travel plans.

Clean Up Your Database

Calling now will help keep your database up to date. Ensuring credit cards and addresses are correct will help keep your wine club shipments free of hiccups and will help you avoid the “Where is my wine?” phone call. Not only that, but calling now will help you boost your holiday sales. Wineries that call now and clean up their database see significantly better sales during the holidays. 

Develop an offer and have a reason for your call. It’s a great time to call and get rid of excess wine you’ve got left over. Clean up your customer data and get your database prepared to work better for you during the holidays. Good luck selling!