Big Wins for Starting Holiday Sales in September

Every year we tell wineries that their holiday sales shouldn’t be starting in October but instead, right after Labor Day in September. It’s starting to cool down and customers are thinking about buying wine again. All they need is the little extra push that a phone call provides. This year has been no different. We have killed it so far in September and we’re only half way through the month. 

The Results

For one of our clients so far, we have been able to sell $42,000 worth of wine. And for another client, we have sold nearly $65,000 worth of wine. All of this just by calling their customers who have purchased in the last 18 months. Not to mention, there is a good chance that many of these customers will end up drinking their wine before Thanksgiving and end up calling back in November to order more for the holidays.

Calling in September can be a huge bump to holiday sales, but it also allows you to make sure your customer data is up to date. There’s nothing worse than getting a phone call in the middle of the holiday rush because a customer didn’t receive their shipment due to a bad address. Calling to get your database cleaned up is simply good customer service. 

Are you ready to start selling more wine this holiday season? Get in touch to learn how Telewine Group can help you grow your sales and start delivering better customer service to your customers.