3 Things Your Sales Team Must Understand to Succeed

A common pitfall of salespeople is to feel the need to convince a customer to buy a product. We’ve all been on the receiving end of this. Even if they do eventually convince you to buy the product, feeling used and taken advantage of is typically the end result. Sales, and more specifically, wine sales shouldn’t be like this. Whether your staff is selling in the tasting room or over the phone, they should understand that their #1 job is to listen to your customers and understand their interests. When your salespeople learn to ask questions and listen to your customers, they will be able to tailor offers to them and become more successful sellers. Here are three strategies that are essential to help close a sale.

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1. Build Rapport

When a customer feels that a salesperson is not easy to talk to, they’re not likely to buy either. When your team is friendly and works to build a rapport with your customers, they’re more likely to open up, start talking and start buying. Not only will you sell more wine, but you will get an opportunity to learn more about your customers. Make sure your sales team is personable and shows your customers that they care.

2. Ask Questions and Listen

When your sales team asks open ended questions, it gets your customers talking. Something like, “What are some of your favorite wines?” is great because it allows the customer to answer any way they please. Asking questions will give your reps a better idea of what interests your customer. From there, they will be better able to create an offer that will appeal most to them.

3. Ask for the Sale

  Without sealing the deal, everything leading up to it becomes meaningless. At some point, your reps have to lay everything down and ask for the sale.  “Most customers are asking for a mixed case so they can get some variety. Which reds and whites would you like in your mixed case?” 

These three keys are the most important aspects to a call and any one of them can make or break a sale. When your staff understands the sales process, they will build stronger relationships with your customers and sell more of your wine. Our wine telesales trainings can help your staff to offer better customer service. Get in touch to learn more about how our training program and how we can teach your staff to go above and beyond or your customer.