Telemarketing for Wineries

After years of doing marketing and managing call centers in his home-state of Illinois, Mark Parton saw an opportunity to bring his telemarketing experience to the wine industry. After moving to California and taking the time to research the industry, Mark founded Call for Wine in 2004. It was to be the first company of its kind, offering telemarketing for wineries. 

When Mark began looking into the wine industry, he saw an industry that was not doing enough to follow up with their customers and was leaving huge sales opportunities on the table. He also realized that unlike other industries, wine customers wouldn’t be as reluctant to get a phone call and buy wine over the phone. With his years of experience in telemarketing, Mark pioneered the idea that wineries should be calling their customers as a way to be proactive about their direct to consumer sales. 

Mark immediately started networking with wine owners and marketing managers, helping them to see the benefits of calling their customers. He also spoke at industry trade shows, sharing his knowledge and beginning to revolutionize that way that wineries sell direct to consumer. As Call for Wine began to grow, it would soon start selling over $1 million of wine a year until Mark sold Call for Wine in 2010

After working for Wine Direct, the company that purchased Call for Wine for three years, Mark is at it again. With his latest company, TeleWine Group, Mark is once again doing telemarketing for wineries. Whether it’s offering better customer service, keeping an up-to-date database, or simply selling more wine; this time around, wineries understand the huge benefits of calling their customers. 

If you are a winery who is looking to start calling your customers but don’t want the hassle of managing your calling in-house, contact us to learn more about how we can help.