Direct to Consumer

Make an impression on you customers. Give them a call and boost your sales.

Close up of a beautiful business customer service woman smiling

Give your customers the unique, quality experience they expect from your winery. Our telesales professionals know the wine industry and understand what it take to sell over the phone. We first get to know your winery so that we can talk about your wine effectively and develop a sales script that will communicate your passion and love of wine to your customers. 

The advantage of having TeleWine Group do your calling is that:

 you won’t have to worry about managing a telesales team.

 there is no need for you to invest in new technology.

–  you won’t have to worry about TCPA compliance.

Regardless of your winery’s size, we put you and your customers first. You customers are undoubtedly buying wine. When we start calling, we help ensure that it is your wine they’re buying. We have the skill-set and passion to turn your database and turn it into DTC sales. 

If you’re ready to take the leap and get your calling campaign off the ground, your customers will instantly have more opportunities to purchase and you will start selling more wine.

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