Winery Telesales

When it comes to direct to consumer wine sales, one of the best ways to see real success is through winery telesales. When wineries take the steps to reach out to their customers, they not only sell more wine, but provide excellent customer service too. After all, many customers want to buy wine but they forget to call or put it off. So calling provides them a perfect chance to order their wine or schedule a time for a call back when they’re ready to make an order. They’re always buying wine, but calling wine club members and other customers that have purchased in the last 18 months is the perfect way to really see sales skyrocket. 

It was our founder, Mark Parton who first started teaching wineries the importance of winery telesales. In 2004, he launched the company, Call for Wine. It was the very first winery telesales firm, working exclusively in the wine industry and selling wine to customers of wineries. His efforts revolutionized the wine industry by helping wineries to realize the potential of their direct to consumer wine sales. After selling Call for Wine, Mark is once again helping wineries grow their DTC sales here at TeleWine Group.

With well over a decade working in winery telesales, we can help your winery see real results with your telemarketing efforts. We are ready to start calling your customers and helping you to sell more of your wine. Your customers love hearing from you. It gives you a chance to create stronger relationships with them as well as selling them wine. Our expert telesales professionals are ready to start selling your wine for you and start to give your customers great customer service.

Don’t leave sales on the table. Start calling your customers and watch your dtc sales grow. Give us a call at (415) 799-WINE to learn more today!