Best Practices



1. Set the standard for service and sales.

The best sales people listen and then cater their approach to the specific customer. We train sales professionals how to listen and how to respond so that our clients get the best results.

2. Profile customers.

Tailor calls specifically to the customer’s interest or need. It’s a much better practice to have information about the customer at your fingertips when you follow up and to lead the customer into what they’re looking for. By asking probing questions like, “How often do you use x product?” sales reps can learn and respond with suggestions in par with their needs.

3. Telemarketing Compliance.

Following the law is a must when doing direct to consumer telemarketing. Heavy fines and paperwork can stop you in your tracks. Simple things like maintaining a DNC List or Do Not Call list are very important. Be sure to only call between 8am-9pm their time and only call customers that have purchased in the last 18 months and have opted in.

4. Timing is imperative.

It’s important to communicate when the customer is receptive to hearing the information you have to offer. Make it as simple for the customer as possible, and accommodate their schedule at all times.


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