4 Actions to Inspire and Motivate Your Sales Team

“You teach what you know, you create what you are.”
-Ancient Sufi Proverb

Some people might think that motivating your sales team is all about pumping them up and cheerleading. And they might go on to believe that they just can’t do that – it’s an act that doesn’t fit with their personality or style. But true motivation comes from actions that everyone can take and still act with authenticity.

Here are four actions you can take which will inspire your teams.

  • PLAY!
  1. Focus on your goals. Be passionate and energetic about the goals of your team and your organization. Display the goals. Live the goals. Make sure everyone on your team knows both their individual goals and the team goal. Making the numbers, completing things on time, and generally being accountable for performance is key to motivating everyone. The power is in keeping goals front and center at all times. It’s hard to arrive at a destination if you can’t find it on a map.

  2. Be the real deal. Be what you want to see more of. Do what you want everyone else to do. Be a role model of doing the right things in the right way. What do you want to see more of on your team? Enthusiasm, results, kindness, objectives achieved??? What do you want to see less of on your team? Cynicism, distraction, busyness? It is profoundly true that people will not necessarily do what you say, but they will always do what you do. Lead by example, regardless of the circumstances, no excuses. You’re the leader – it’s up to you to set the tone. We lead by our example, one way or the other. So what kind of example are you setting every minute of every day?

  3. Include the people you lead in decision-making and idea development. Value the ideas that come from the working team. It has always been true that the very best ideas for sales or offers on the telephone come from the people who are actually making them. Let them know you appreciate their ideas by acting on them. In this way you inspire more and create more positive relationships overall. Acting as if you are the only one with vision both suppresses new ideas and distances you from your team. Connect more with them and you will learn more. Be an excellent listener and connect emotionally with the people on your team. Listen with absolute attention. You’ll hear things sooner rather than later. How often do you have huddles or roundups with your team? Have more frequent and meaningful conversations about what it is your team does and the value they bring to the winery.

  4. Play! Have fun! Figure out ways to laugh with your team and give them rewards at the same time. Play games, be generous with prizes, do things that are surprising. Find ways to give your team members your wines. They should be drinking your wines regularly so they have stories to tell that are heartfelt and real. Every week in the roundup or huddle you should be finding ways to recognize team members – for most wine club sign-ups, most revenue generated, largest sale of the week. Maybe you’ll design a theme for the week or the month: Horse races, car races, balloons filled with prizes, themes around March Madness, football Super Bowl, Indianapolis 500 – anything that generates excitement and allows everyone to play a little. Now that’s motivating!